Our Story

Mid Essex Budgerigar Society was formed in 1998 as a breakaway club from Chelmsford CBS, making it one of six budgerigar clubs in Essex. These were North Essex BS, South Essex BS, Herts & Essex BS, Southend B&FBS and The Premier. Unfortunately, as the years have rolled on only Mid Essex and Southend are still surviving. When the Mid Essex was first formed, it reached 32 members in its first year, but by 2008 it had fallen in numbers to its lowest point with just 4 members remaining. When the club was re located from Chelmsford to a base at Bicknacre, there were major concerns that it would not be viable. In 2010 a couple of new and younger members joined and from this point, with their fresh ideas, enthusiasm and knowledge of some of the new technologies coupled with the experience of the existing membership, the club began to grow and has been on an upward curve ever since. The club soon become too big for the venue at Bicknacre and we are now located at a venue in Magaretting which is much better suited to our needs.